Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Israel turns to the further Right

The turn to the further right by the Likud Party in Israel just reinforces the 

argument that 1) there is no political will within Israel to make a 

comprehensive peace with the Palestinians and 2) the Two State Solution 

(TSS) is dead. If one reads between the lines and listens carefully to what 

Israeli spokespersons are saying one will comprehend what Israel wants: a 

Three State Solution (3SS) with 1) Israel with Area C and part of Area B; 2) 

Palestinian Authority with Area A and part of Area B; and 3) Gaza. Israel is 

already calling the checkpoints between Area's A and C as border crossings, 

an obvious reference to two entities and its spokespersons state that Oslo 

gave Area A and B to Palestinians and the Palestinians negotiated away 

Area C. As to Gaza, they claim that in 2005 that they dismantled the 

settlements and left Gaza giving them their "own State." Palestinians are 

falling into the Israeli cunning trap yet again. Palestinians need to resist 

by 1) seeking UN recognition--and use this platform to press for a One

State Solution (OSS) 2) strongly support the BDS movement 3) Support 

the emergence of a new generation of Palestinians who will take up 

their stone and restore the dignity of future generations and 4) most 

importantly, unify the leadership in Gaza and the West Bank at all 


See Jerusalem Post article: http://www.jpost.com/DiplomacyAndPolitics/


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  1. "most importantly, unify the leadership in Gaza and the West Bank at all costs"

    A set of unified objectives rather than leadership.