Thursday, December 8, 2011

Exposing The Apartheid State of Israel

Israelis are masters at using words to paint a picture of negativity toward their opponents.  For decades the Israelis implanted into the mindset of world public opinion that Palestinians are synonymous with terrorists.  Every time that any Israeli supporter spoke about Palestinians, he/she used the word “terrorist” as the adjective of choice.  By repeating this term over and over, Israelis planted a perception that became a reality.  Perception, after all, is reality but not necessarily the truth.
Israelis appeared on television dressed in the traditional suit and tie, were clean shaven and spoke eloquent English.  They seemed reasonable to the average American who did not know the realities of what Israel was doing to the Palestinians.  The illegal confiscations and settlement building upon occupied Palestinian land which violated international law were ignored. The right of the occupied Palestinians to resist Israeli occupation, which was similar to the American colonist revolt against the British King, was not mentioned.  Instead Israelis planted the David vs. Goliath picture of 23 Arab countries trying to destroy little tiny Israel, although Israel was the only country in the Middle East with the capability to destroy every country around it with its nuclear arms.   Still the perception was Palestinians and Arabs were the terrorists by simply repeating it over and over again.
                Palestinians, on the other hand, have not been so cunning.  Palestinian spokesmen, with the exception of a few, had no comprehendible accent, mispronounced words and used wrong pronouns.  There were so many so-called Palestinian spokesmen who could not articulate the Palestinian cause. The late Palestinian president Yasir Arafat once referred to Barbara Walters as “Bar-Bar-Ra” which in Arabic means booger.  
                Palestinians need to learn from the Israelis.  They need to paint a picture of the true Israel.  Israel is an apartheid State and should be referred to as such by every Palestinian and supporters of Palestine.  
                The Apartheid State of Israel has one set of rules for its citizens and another set of laws for Palestinians.  They have isolated Palestinians by an apartheid wall; have established enclaves of Palestinian towns and cities which block ingress and egress with military checkpoints; have Jewish-only settlements; have separate roads for Palestinians and Jews; have discriminatory marriage laws; have refused to issue building permits; have ruthlessly demolished Palestinian homes as a form of collective punishment; and have restricted access to land and resources between Palestinian and Israelis.  All of these actions point to the reality, the truth, that Israel should be referred to as the Apartheid State of Israel.
                Therefore, from now on, I will refer to Israel as the Apartheid State of Israel.  I believe all Palestinians and their supporters should do the same.  Let the truth be the reality. 

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