Thursday, December 8, 2011

Two Boys, Two Words and Israeli Duplicity

(This article was first written in December, 2010--it is still relevant --I have edited on December 30, 2011)

Two boys were arrested in for setting the massive fire that engulfed the Carmel area in Apartheid Israel in December 2010. I read an article in the (Teens who allegedly started fire to be held four more days, Haifa court rules,December 10, 2010) with interest. To protect the youths, the ethnicity of the boys was withheld; however, being a Palestinian, I know that they are Jewish boys. If the apartheid authorities arrested Palestinian boys ages 14 and 16 years old, the press would have identified them as terrorist and apartheid Israeli authorities, led by Chief Apartheid Prime Miniister Benjamin, would  never miss an opportunity to call Palestinians terrorists. Apartheid Chief Netanyahu would have pronounced, demanded and extorted more security guarantees from the United States in any peace talks with the Palestinians.

I am wondering, again as a Palestinian, whether these Jewish boys are being tortured. We as Palestinians know very well the torture that is inflicted by the brutal apartheid Israeli army and Shin Bet secret police and how Palestinians are forced into signing confessions written in Hebrew as a result. Will these Jewish boys be forced to sign a confession written in Arabic? I think not.

Justice dispensed differently for two groups of people is not justice--it is apartheid. That is not to say that these Jewish boys should be tortured or should be forced to sign a confession. It is to say that torture and forced confessions are wrong regardless of ethnicity.

The boys were arrested on suspicion that the fire began due to their negligence. It is negligence when a crime is associated with Jewish boys and terrorism  for Palestinian boys.

The play on words is a favorite game of the apartheid Israelis. During the first term of Apartheid Chief Netanyahu as Prime Minister in the mid 1990’s, he changed the Oslo Accords principle of “land for peace” to “land for security” to produce an empathy in political opinions that apartheid Israel needs security before peace. The Palestinians were not able to combat this linguistic challenge by asserting that within peace there is security.

Apartheid Israeli authorities try to justify the construction of illegal settlements on the West Bank and around Jerusalem as “natural growth” while throughout the over four decades of occupation Israel has not allowed Palestinians to build homes and, in fact, demolished thousands of Palestinian homes. The apartheid Israeli right wing demagogues do not see the injustice in this duplicity in rational. They associate sympathetically appealing words to justify their wrongful actions but ignore the wrongful actions of the apartheid Israeli government visa via the Palestinians.

World public opinion is catching up to apartheid Israel’s use of words to justify its immoral actions and to denigrate Palestinians. The world is unanimous against apartheid Israel’s illegal settlements. The use of words to justify or expand those illegal settlements has not swayed a single country to recognize them as part of apartheid Israel. .

And people have recognized that there is injustice in everything apartheid Israel does because it has dual systems—one for Jews and one for Palestinians. So when the apartheid Israeli government would not state the ethnicity of these boys based on their Jewish identity but would have had they been Palestinian, the duplicity in the Israeli injustice is exposed. 

Exposing the injustice of the apartheid State of Israel is what is needed in order for the Palestinians to gain parity with Israelis. This is another attempt to expose Israel and thus gain equality.

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