Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Israeli Mirage Seen By American Voters

In a recent poll American voter’s showed support for pro-Israeli candidates—my analysis is that the Israeli lobby has painted a mirage.  The perception that Apartheid Israel is a democracy surrounded by hostile American hating Muslims has been craftily molded by the powerful lobby for decades. Unfortunately, in American politics, perception is reality.

If Americans knew the “reality” about Apartheid Israel that perception would change.  Apartheid Israel receives $3 billion of US aid annually—not to mention the many other millions in military aid.   While local budgets are being slashed here in the US, aid to the Apartheid Regime increases annually.  While resolving the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is, as President Barrack Obama has stated, a national security concern, Apartheid Israel rebukes the leader of the free world by building more illegal West Bank settlements, effectively killing peace.  Israeli Prime Minister, the chief Apartheid, Benjamin Netanyahu wants no preconditions to negotiations, wants to continue to build settlements despite the fact that negotiations would lead to the dismantling of those settlements and wants the Apartheid State of Israel to be recognized as a Jewish State.

Many American voters do not really know the reality of what Apartheid Israel is doing to the Palestinians. Political observers, including former President Jimmy Carter, have called Israel an apartheid government.  Apartheid Israel has built a wall that cuts off families from each other; cuts off farmers from their fields; and isolates towns into an open air prison.   Apartheid Israel has carved Palestinian land in the West Bank by designating areas into A B and C zones. It has instituted military checkpoints that make a 10 minute route from Ramallah to Beir Zeit a 3 hour ride.   Through its checkpoints, Israel restricts students from attending universities; restricts goods from being brought to markets and restricts worshipers from worshiping in the Holy City of Jerusalem.

Apartheid Israel does not approve building permits and when a home is built in Palestine it demolishes it.  It uses the demolition of homes as a collective punishment against families or whole towns.

To destroy commerce, the brutal Israeli military protects Apartheid Israeli settlers who uproot groves of olive trees which have been the only source of income for their owner’s families for centuries.

Apartheid Israel segregates Palestinians from apartheid settlers by building Jews only by-pass roads.

Israel tortures Palestinian prisoners, makes them sign false confessions written in Hebrew—a language that the Palestinians cannot read.  Do the voters know that Israeli soldiers abuse Palestinian soldiers much like US soldiers who mocked Iraqi citizens in Abu Ghraib prison?

Do voters really know that within the current Apartheid regime in Israel there is a coalition partner whose spiritual leader advocates the annihilation of Palestinians?  The spiritual leader of the Chas Party Ovadia Yousef has made statements that Israel should annihilate the Palestinians.  With all the anger in Apartheid Israel about Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad”s rhetoric denying the holocaust, it is ironic that a Jewish spiritual leader would utter a word that even implies the annihilation of another people.  Yet the Chas Party is a major coalition partner in the Chief Apartheid Netanyahu government.  Do American voters know this reality?

The mirage that the Israel lobby has painted would fade into the sunset and American voters would favor justice if only they know reality.

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