Thursday, December 22, 2011

Israel Reaction to Hamas Joining PLO Is Smoke & Mirrors

The Apartheid Israeli Prime Minister Spokesman Mark Regev’s reaction to Hamas joining the PLO is preposterous and duplicitous. Additionally, by saying that if Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas "embraces Hamas, if he walks toward Hamas, he is walking away from peace," the Apartheid Spokesman is continuing the game of stalling a final status talks and ultimately makes a one state solution the only viable solution.
Hamas won the 2006 Palestinian Parliamentary “democratic” elections which were supervised by former President Jimmy Carter. After the democratic countries of the US, European Union and several Western states refused to recognize the results of the “democratic” elections by withholding aid to the Palestinian Authority, President Mahmoud Abbas declared a state of emergency, then appointed Salem Fayyad  as the new Prime Minister replacing Hamas leader Ismail Haniya.  Clashes ensued between Fatah and Hamas forces and Hamas took control of Gaza while Fatah took control of the West Bank.   Palestinians were dismayed as these clashes played right into the divide and conquer policy to Apartheid Israel.
Since then several attempts at reconciliation were made culminating in a final agreement signed earlier this year by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal. Palestinians were elated at the final reconciliation of these two leading Palestinian parties as many believed the clash between them set the Palestinian aspirations back for years. The agreement allows Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other parties to join the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO).   Apartheid Israel has long warned Abbas not to reconcile with Hamas.
Palestinians, on the other hand, welcome this reconciliation and hope that this renewed Palestinian unity can now focus on confronting the Apartheid State of Israel, whether in negotiations or on the ground.  
The Apartheid State of Israel’s statements that it will not negotiate with a Palestinian government which includes Hamas cannot be taken seriously as no party in a conflict can dictate who can and cannot be part of other party’s government or delegation.   Palestinian leadership has not and cannot tell the Apartheid State of Israel that they will not negotiate with it unless they remove the Shas party within their coalition government. 
The Shas Party, whose spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yousef calls for the annihilation of the Palestinians, does not want peace with the Palestinians and wants to continue to build illegal settlements in the West Bank, the land upon which Palestinians desire to create a State of Palestine. With 11 seats—just 9 % of the Israeli Knesset, it wields tremendous power—enough to pressure the Apharteid-in-Chief BiBi Netanyahu into concessions it favors.  
By the same token, Apartheid Israel cannot tell Palestinians that Hamas cannot be in a Palestinian government.  Allowing Apartheid Israel to dictate to the PA who can be in the Palestinian government is preposterous and duplicitous when the likes of the Shas Party is its government.
            Apartheid Israel’s position on the reconciliation of Hamas and Fatah is another smoke and mirrors argument meant to continue the conflict and continue the real truth, i.e. Israel wants to continue its illegal land grabs and continue its settlement expansion policy.  This is just a furtherance of Apartheid Israel’s policy of obstructing peace as it has no plans to discuss final settlement negotiations—always wanting to discuss interim agreements and to leave discussions on Jerusalem, the right of return and border issues to much later dates that never materialize
By the same measure, Israel continues to place obstacles to negotiations, such as continuing to build settlements during negotiations that should lead to the dismantling of those settlements and by its insistence that it be recognized as a Jewish State. These are just another set of preconditions after other conditions have been met.
Originally, the PLO was asked to recognize the State of Israel and renounce violence.  The PLO did.  Next the Palestinian Authority was asked to reign in the “extremists” with limited resources and it did.  The PA was then asked to be democratic and hold elections.  It did but the results were not adhered to because the Apartheid Israeli government would not negotiate with the winner of the Parliamentary elections—Hamas. Next the Apartheid-in-Chief Netanyahu came up with a clever demand of wanting the Palestinians to recognize Apartheid Israel as a Jewish State.
Now Apartheid Israel has renewed its objections to Hamas being a part of a Palestinian government or even the PLO. This is the latest smoke and mirrors argument that Apartheid Israel uses to delay, delay and delay.
The delay Apartheid Israel is causing works to its detriment. The birthrates of Palestinians visa vie Israeli apartheids will make the population of Palestinians a majority soon.  Then, the “Jewish State” which segregates Palestinians from Jews through its Apartheid Wall and builds Jews only roadways and controls military check points that confine Palestinians in enclaves and ghettos will find it hard not to be called an Apartheid State: a political system that separates the different peoples living under its control and gives privileges to those of the Jewish religion.
By continuing the smoke and mirrors arguments all Apartheid Israel is doing is delaying the inevitable: a one state solution. 

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