Thursday, December 8, 2011

Israel and US Duplicity

                The uproar over the alleged Iranian plot to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador to the US is justifiable.  However, it really exposes, once again, the duplicity of US reaction towards what Israel does and what other countries do.  Time after time, US leaders give Israel a pass to whatever it does and then slams other countries for doing the same thing that was done by Israel.   And then the US wonders why the Muslim world sees the US as the Big Evil.
                US lawmakers have called the alleged Iranian plot an act of war yet when Israel assassinated or attempted assassinations on Palestinian leaders in Britain, Algeria, Argentina, Dubai, Jordan, Germany and other countries, no statements were uttered against Israel’s “acts of war.”  Some members of Congress are calling for military action against Iran when our military is stretched thin and our economy is teetering on the edge of collapse from funding billions of dollars over 2 wars this past decade.   Congressman Peter King and Senator Joe Lieberman, both doing Israel’s bidding, are out front in getting the US military to react to this Iranian plot—all in Israel’s not the US self-interest.
                This duplicity has been evident for many decades and was especially highlighted by the US reaction to Iraq occupation of Kuwait in 1989 while Israel was occupying Palestinian land.  Many in the Arab world wondered how within months the US could send hundreds of thousands of US soldiers and mobilize the world to force Iraq out of Kuwait when the US did nothing about decades of Israeli occupation of Palestinian land.
The duplicity is also evident when the US continues to give Israel billions of dollars each year despite stated US policy that the illegal Israeli confiscation of Palestinian land and the building of illegal settlements upon those lands is, as stated by succeeding US administrations, “an obstacle to peace.”   
Palestinians need to take every opportunity to expose the US foreign policy duplicity.  Israel can do no wrong in US eyes. If Israel does something in  

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