Sunday, January 8, 2012

Apartheid Israel Is A House Divided. It Will Self-Destruct.

         A recent poll in the Apartheid State of Israel reveals that if elections for its Knesset were held in December, 2011, more of the same would be what Israelis want—no peace. The poll reinforces my argument that Israel is a house divided and that it will self-destruct.

          In an article about veteran Israeli news anchor turned politician, Yair Lapid, who will likely form a new independent political party, would receive 15 Knesset seats.  The majority of the other remaining seats would be split among Likud, Yisrael Beiteinu, Labor, Kadima and Shas, leaving no political party with a clear majority.  In fact, Apartheid-in-Chief Benjamin Natanyahu’s Likud Party will retain its status as the largest political party with 24 seats, with only twenty percent of the Apartheid Knesset.

        The entry of Lapid into the Apartheid Israeli political scene means that the trend of coalition governments will continue for the foreseeable future.  

         In the 64 year history of Apartheid Israel, only once has it had one party which won at least 61 seats, a majority of the Apartheid Knesset. With about 6 political parties each winning 10 seats or more in a 120 member Knesset, the Apartheid Israeli public gives no clear direction as to which way the country should move.  Thus the status quo is the only direction that Apartheid Israelis seek.

         This means that there is no clear cut majority in Israel that wants peace.   Lapid, whose views are not widely known, would probably be a centralist candidate taking votes away from Labor and and Kadima parties.  It would seem that no clear group of parties, whether on the left or right would have a majority to form a separate coalition.  Thus a combination of coalition parties from the right and left, as is currently the case in Chief Apartheid Natanyahu’s government, would have to form a ruling coalition. 

         With that scenario, the ruling coalition will continue to be subject to the whims of the smallest political party amongst them, thus continuing the status quo.

        The status quo according to Apartheid Israel is a continuation of the cruel occupation; continuation of illegal settlement building, especially around East Jerusalem; continuation of the apartheid wall; continuation of military rule of 4.5 million Palestinians; continuation of apartheid practices that cannot be sustained; continuation of the denial of the Palestinian right of return; and continuation of the eventual self-destruction of Apartheid Israel.  

         I have stated in previous articles that Apartheid Israelis must do some soul searching.  They must come to terms with Mohandas Gandhi’s words:  “A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.”  The recent poll, which tells us that the heart and soul of Apartheid Israelis is divided between the left, center and right political extremes, suggest that there is deep divisions within Apartheid Israel.   This reminds me of President Abraham Lincoln’s famous speech in which the US during the pre-US Civil War years was split between Free States and Slavery States.  He said then that “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

         Apartheid Israel is divided in so many ways. As discussed above it is divided politically.  It is divided amongst secular Jews and ultra-righteous Jews.  It is divided between Jews and Arabs within its mist. It has two sets of laws governing Jews and Palestinians. It divides Jews and Palestinians through separatist enclaves , Jews only by-pass roads, license plates, military check points, electronic wired fences around Palestinian towns, restricted entry and exit gates and other restrictions and divisions.

        With all these differences, Apartheid Israel is a house divided. It will self-destruct.  

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