Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Apartheid Israel’s fear of the Number 1.

                Apartheid Israel never ceases to amaze me.  Every day there is something new that it does to show just how discriminatory it is towards the Palestinian population.  It is as if Apartheid Israel tries to compete with the previous day as to how discriminatory it can be.  It is truly amazing.

                Today, I opened the, the web page of one of Apartheid Israel’s leading newspaper.  Within seconds, I found an article about Apartheid Israel’s Supreme Court denying citizenship to Palestinians who have married Israeli Arabs citizens.  This denial was exclusive to Palestinians but was subsequently extended to include “Iran, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq as well as other areas on which the government was free to decide,” according to the article

                What can this mean?

                Every country controls immigration.  The United States immigration policy is based on an annual quota system for family unifications.  There are different immigration categories based on the family relationship of the immigrant applicant to the US citizen or resident alien.  Spouses of US citizens get immediate preferable treatment; whereas spouses of US alien residents have to wait until their application date is reached through the quota system.  It is complicated but fair.  It does not discriminate against any particular persons, except communists and Nazis and people with certain deceases.

                Immigration is mostly based on the compassionate need of family reunification.

                In its paranoia, Apartheid Israel claims excluding Palestinians married to Israeli Arabs is done for security reasons.   While I can understand its security concerns, the hysteria within Apartheid Israel can best be explained in its fear of numbers.   If Israeli Arabs are forced to marry other Israeli Arabs the population of Israeli Arabs stays the same because of this marriage.  If,  on the other hand, if an Israeli Arab marries a Palestinian from the West Bank, then granting citizenship to the Palestinian increases the number of Israeli Arabs within Apartheid Israel by one plus the children of the marriage.

Because Palestinians are excluded from immigration to Apartheid Israel, the Israeli Arab will have to either live apart from his/her spouse or move to where his/her spouse lives.   Moving is most likely the only option and thus Apartheid Israel’s policy in effect decreases the number of Israeli Arabs by one plus the number of their children.

Since its birthe in 1948, Apartheid Israel does everything it can to reduce the number of Palestinians in 1948 Palestine.  In 1948, the Irgun Gang led by future Apartheid Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, slaughtered the town of Deir Yassin causing Palestinians in other towns to flee.  This policy of Palestinian cleansing has been the policy of Apartheid Israel ever since. 

                Despite Apartheid Israel’s desperate and massive recruitment of Jews from Russia , Ethiopia and other countries in the last four decades, the number of Palestinians living in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza will be equal by 2016.  After that time, the population of Palestinians will be greater than Jews.  This scares Apartheid Israel. 

                So when the Apartheid Israeli Supreme Court refuses to review the law denying Israeli citizenship to a Palestinian married to an Israeli Arab it is perpetuating apartheid in Israel.   It is fighting the game of numbers one marriage at a time. It is afraid of the number 1.

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