Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Will Areas A & B become Palestine?

                There is a deliberate diabolical policy in Apartheid Israel to make Areas A & B in Palestine the permanent borders of the future State of Palestine.  This policy will allow Apartheid Israel to keep the illegal settlements without a peace agreement and will continue the status quo of the occupation.  Palestinians must resist this conniving and unacceptable manipulation of Palestine’s future.

                The Oslo Agreement, which was signed on September 13, 1993 at the White House, and subsequent agreements between Apartheid Israel and Palestine divided the West Bank into Areas A, B and C.   Area A is controlled by the Palestinian Authority and includes security-related and civilian issues in Palestinian urban areas.  Area B only allows Palestinian control over civilian matters but leaves security to the apartheid soldiers.  Area C is exclusively controlled by Apartheid Israeli authorities and includes the illegal settlements, the Jordan valley region, borders and by-pass roads between Palestinian towns.  This in effect created a Swiss cheese omelet except the egg whites and yoke have been separated.  Does this remind anyone of Apartheid South Africa?

                Final status negotiations on the issues of East Jerusalem, borders and the right of return were to be address by May, 1996 and concluded by May, 1999 according to the Oslo Agreement.  Here we are in 2012 and these issues have never been formally addressed.   Apartheid Israel has made excuses throughout the 19 years since the Oslo Agreement to delay final status talks.

                It is apparent that all along that the carving of the West Bank into Areas was a diabolical attempt by Apartheid Israel to only give limited authority to the Palestinians in Areas A & B.   Apartheid-in-Chief Benjamin Natanyahu is now considering giving the Palestinian Authority more control over Area B to carry out this plan.  But this is strategically done at this time to accomplish two other goals.

                The first is to keep the Palestinians talking about how to start the peace talks.  In January, 2012 the Palestinians and Israelis have been discussing how to start up the stalled peace talks in Amman, Jordan at the invitation of King Abdullah.   By keeping the Palestinians talking, the Apartheid-in-Chief can appease the Quartet of the European Union, Russia, United Nations and the United States—especially President Barack Obama.   By giving the Palestinians more control over Area B, the Apartheid-in-Chief is not giving anything more than what has been in the diabolical plans of Apartheid Israel.

                The second goal of the Apartheid-in-Chief Netanyahu is to keep Fatah and Hamas from reconciling.  By giving President Abbas and Fatah more control in the West Bank as a way to lure him into continuing to talk, Apartheid-in-Chief Netanyahu drives a wedge between Fatah and Hamas.   Hamas has called upon the Palestinian Authority to withdraw from any talks with the Israelis because talks are useless.  I agree.  See my article: “No Negotiations with Apartheid Israel - Let it Self-Destruct!”  http://fadizanayed.blogspot.com/2012/01/no-negotiations-with-apartheid-israel.html.

                The ultimate goal of Apartheid Israel is to call Areas A & B a Palestinian State and call the conflict over.  Already, the military checkpoints are being called “terminals” or “crossings” which is an obvious reference to a border.   The goal is reinforced when Apartheid Israel refuses to even freeze settlement building in occupied Palestine.   The illegal settlements are in Area C and under the control of Apartheid Israel.   Israel does not have and never had the intention of relinquishing control over Area C.

                President Abbas must remain steadfast and not succumb to Israeli bribes.  He must not accept any further control over Area B so as enticement to remain in endless talks that lead to an endless occupation of Palestinian land.  Apartheid-in-Chief Netanyahu cannot give the Palestinians what they are by right entitled to.  If Palestinians hold out long enough, the demographics will be such that Palestinians will be in the majority in Israel, West Bank and Gaza by 2016.  Apartheid Israel cannot sustain a political system as a minority governing another people who hold a majority.   Just as the South Afrikaans could not maintain the apartheid system in South Africa, Israel will not be able to maintain its apartheid system in Israel and in Palestine.  

((c) Fadi Zanayed.  This article may be republished or sited as long as the author and site are included as the reference.) 

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