Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I Will Not Be Intimidated!

                Early this morning I received an email message telling me that IDF RABBI (IDFrabbi) is now receiving my messages posted on Tweeter.    His profile states that he is “Friend of Israeli soldier and Mosad agent…..”    IDF stands for Israeli Defense Force and Mosad is Apartheid israel’s equivalent of the CIA.  Am I supposed to be intimidated? Am I supposed to stop writing about exposing the Apartheid State of Israel”
                No! I will not stop writing.  I will not be intimidated!
                I do not mind that a “friend of Israeli soldier” is following me.  I have nothing to hide. My blog tries to expose Israel for what it truly is—an Apartheid State of Israel.  If I can make a pro-Israeli think twice about the atrocities that Apartheid Israel is doing in Palestine, especially a rabbi, I will be happy.  After all, I do not want my message to be just read by Palestinians and their supporters.  I want people that do not support or do not understand the Palestinian cause to be enlightened to a point that they start advocating for the Palestinian right of return; for championing East Jerusalem as the capital of an independent democratic Palestinian State; for the removal of military checkpoints; for ending the cruel Apartheid Israeli occupation of Palestine; for the dismantling of the apartheid wall; for the lifting of the siege on Gaza; for the release of Palestinian political prisoners lingering in Apartheid Israel’s jails; for the preservation of Palestinian olive groves; and/or for understanding the true nature of Israel as an Apartheid State.
                I do not even mind that IDF Rabbi is a self-proclaimed “Mosad agent.”  If that is supposed to intimidate me, it does not.  The policy of Apartheid Israel is to instill fear into Palestinians living in Palestine to a point that they want to voluntarily leave their land of Palestine.   Read my articles: “Sadiq: It is hard to live in fear”[1] and “Apartheid Israel Policy of Fear”[2] where I write about Israel’s policy of fear.  In my case, since I do not live in Palestine, Apartheid Israel wants to intimidate me from exposing its apartheid nature by scaring me from expressing my views.
                Am I really going to stop writing now that a “Mosad agent” is now following me? I am aware that that people like me who blog against Apartheid Israel are being watched?  Of course we are being watched.  In fact, Apartheid Israel pays college students to scout for what people like me are saying about it.[3]   Apartheid Israel’s tactic of fear is being exported to try to intimidate Palestinian supporters from exposing the apartheid nature of Israel.  It will not work.
                In America, the freedom of speech is all too powerful a human value that cannot be abridged by any level of intimidation.  Apartheid Israel does not understand this human value of freedom of speech.  In fact, Apartheid Israel has passed a law to stifle any form of support for the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement which is daily growing against Israel.  It is now an offense to call for a boycott against the (Apartheid) State of Israel or its West Bank settlements. Amnesty International states this law “will have a chilling effect on freedom of expression in Israel.”[4]
                Apartheid Israel taunts itself as the only democracy in the Middle East.  With the anti-boycott, anti-free speech law that Apartheid Israel has passed can it really still claim to be democratic?  Stifling free speech is not what democracies do.
Amnesty International  recognized that it is “… clear that one of the main aims of the law is to penalize those using boycott calls to campaign against Israel's illegal settlements in the OPT or highlight the ongoing violations of Palestinian rights caused by the settlements.” 
It is also clear that Apartheid Israel wants to intimidate Palestinians and their supporters  from exposing it for what it is—as the Apartheid State of Israel.   Will we be intimidated?  NO! NO! NO!

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